TEDx yesterday went really well!

The video of the speech I gave on overcoming Trichotillomania will be going up on YouTube within the next few months so keep an eye out for that!

Thanks to all you followers for inspiring me to take part in it (and to Ms Marriott for asking me to do it!) I’ll be posting the speech in due course.

Stay strong guys <3

Rachel x

I just wanted to say that you're blog has really inspired me. When I first found it a year ago, I knew I had trich but wasn't able to admit it. About eight months ago I finally was able to tell my best friend about it and now as of a month ago I've found a therapist and I'm working to get better. Thanks so much for all of your stories and inspirations. - Kathleen

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to this darling!

I have to say your message has really touched me and I would like to quote you a little in a speech I’m doing this saturday about Trich, is that ok? I’m so so proud that you gathered the courage to stand up and get the help that you need. You’ll be pull-free very soon I’m sure <3

And in answer to your following question about hair dye, I had my hair stripped originally to get the black dye i used to have out, then have gradually built up my colour to get it bright. I get my roots done with magicontrast at the salon (you have to be a hair-dresser to buy it apparently) and then I top it up frequently with Crazy Colour Fire dye :) Hope this helps and that you get the hair you want for your reward!

Stay strong <3 and thank you so much

Before and after pictures of using Intralace System ↘

For more information on the Intralace System, visit the Lucinda Ellery website here: http://www.lucindaellery-hairloss.co.uk/intralace.php

Coloured hair helps me not to pull for several reasons I&#8217;ve said on here and I love it &lt;3
What keeps you inspired? Let me know!
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Although Trichotillomania is found more commonly in women, there&#8217;s no doubt that men suffer from it as well.
Pulling/picking from beards is an often overlooked area when people consider Trichotillomania as it is quite easily concealed. However, it does happen and we need to remember that we are stronger than our Trich, no matter what and we can overcome it with time. Reach out for help, tell someone and you&#8217;ll be on your way &lt;3
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How did you find a therapist? I suffer from anxiety problems and trich and am trying to find somebody to help me.

As I live in the UK I initially went through the NHS to get help with my Trich many years ago, but the center where I went wasn’t the right environment for me and the therapist I was given knew almost nothing about Trichotillomania. As I was about 14/15 at the time and didn’t know how to maturely tell my Mom that it just wasnt working for me, I lied and said I wasn’t pulling anymore in order to leave the center which is something you should NEVER do.

After reaching an extremely low point where my pulling was at its worst, I decided to tell my Mom and we went privately this time. We had to research, but we found a cardinal clinic locally to where I live that had a therapist who specializes in Trichotillomania and we called up and Helen became my therapist.

So my answer to your question would be to do your research first and if you don’t get on with a therapist tell someone and change! I could give you Helen’s details if you lived in the Uk, otherwise the internet can be very useful for your own searches or if you’d like I could take a moment to search for you <3 I’m so glad you’re looking to find yourself some help my love, so stay strong and you will get there I promise!

This is my Tangle Toy a.k.a my hand-occupying savior &lt;3 When I go to uni and I suddenly find myself on my own in the world, this will be my best friend and I will continue to take it everywhere I go!
Given to me by my therapist, these little twirly toys can come with textured pieces to them (like mine does) that are great for Trich sufferers who only pull the hairs that feel right/wrong/different like I did. They can really help you to twiddle it instead of your hair which, at least for me, means you’re about to pull. 
For more information or to buy one, visit http://www.tangletoys.com/ or go on amazon like I did with my other ones for cheaper prices :) Give em a go and let me know if it helps you lovelies &lt;3
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This is a judgement and hate free, motivation blog about overcoming and being free of the disorder known as Trichotillomania. Many of us are suffering with it and just need a place to vent or ask for help and hopefully this a blog where you feel safe to do that.

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